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Spinner Fidget Toy - White

  • Premium quality.
  • Helps you focus and relax.
  • Recommended by therapists.
  • Send all your stress spinning away.
  • A simple solution that actually works.

You spin them round and round in your hands, holding them by either the center or the spoke. They’re simple to use, but the perfect diversion for overactive fingers and minds. Q Comfort Zone low-cost anxiety and stress reduction tools.

These gadgets also help those experiencing symptoms of ADD, ADHD, autism, smoking, nail biting, fidgeting, and other tendencies that develop into habits. Fidget spinners and toys provide an unobtrusive outlet and energy release. EDC everyday carry Q Comfort Zone spinners may also help increase calm, focus, and attention.

This is a great spinner! I have tried many spinners but this one is the quietest, smoothest ever! My son absolutely loves this! I highly recommend.” - Customers